Acelink Technology is fully accredited and an authorised supplier, installer and maintainer of Ericson LG IPECs and 3CX phone systems.

Ensuring you find the right fit, we offer many different types of Phone System Solutions to get your Communications up and running.

There are two types of Phone Systems available for Business with both a valuable asset to your Business

Cloud Based Phone System: Cloud based Phone Systems are becoming one of the leading systems for Business Communications. The ease of deployment and the low cost for entry is a major benefit. Being able to work from any device anywhere means working from locations other then the office is simple.

On Premises Phone System: An On Premise Phone System, or also known as a tradition Phone System is what most Business have been using for their communications. It involves having all the handsets connect locally up to a main Telephone System which usually is located in a Communications Room. These system provide a solid backbone to communications for a Business and is suitable for any Large Deployment. The benefits of a local system are they can still work during an NBN outage and is a single point of hardware for ease of Management and programming.

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